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Sapporo Sushi

Posted: 12/28/10

Sapporo Sushi

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Sapporo_Sushi

Nelson @ Hwy 7 & Chalmers: Lot's of restaurants in this area, but we decided to try this tiny Japanese restaurant for lunch. After receiving a small appetizer

Kitty tried the double dragon with a black dragon roll and a red dragon roll, with spicy or crispy hand roll. I like the name of this bento and it also looks pretty cool as well. The only downside is just the salad as a side.

I tried the salmon bento with salmon sashimi, salmon & eel sushi, California & spicy rolls, spicy or crispy hand roll. Lot's of yummy and fresh salmon making for a decent size for lunch. The hand rolls I'm not a fan of because they are difficult to eat. They are really filling though.

The meal finishes with a scoop of ice cream. Overall pretty decent food and decent atmosphere because it's so small.

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