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Cheesecake Factory

Posted: 02/03/11

Cheesecake Factory

Restaurant: Buffalo Cheesecake_Factory

dre in Buffalo, NY: On our way home, we stopped by Cheesecake Factory, as per the usual. This time we were smart and shared our meal this time.

We started with a spinach salad that wasn't that great.

We had the chicken marsala dish... still one of my favourites!

They were featuring their pumpkin cheesecake, so we tried it. I normally do not like pumpkin pie, but this was delicious! Highly recommended!

I bought Mike an apple cheesecake and brought it home for him.

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  • Wow the spinach salad looks so plain with nothing but literally spinach! And I see Cheesecake Factory did not disappoint with the double mountains of whip cream on the cake =)
    Kitty @ 2011-02-04

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