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American Portion Size

Posted: 01/30/11

American Portion Size

Restaurant: Erie Texas_Roadhouse

dre in Erie, PA: We drove up and down the main street to see our restaurant choices, and decided to go to Texas Roadhouse. At the front near the hostess, you can choose your meat if you want to have steak for dinner before you get seated.

We started with some bread with cinnamon butter. Mike would have loved it.

We both got salads with our meal and asked for honey mustard dressing - my favourite. At this point, I was already getting full.

My ginormous half rack of ribs came out. Yes, this is American size half rack. With a bowl of chili. There were definitely some leftovers.

My mom's deep fried catfish and sweet potato was also huge! I helped her eat her meal as it's not as take-out friendly.

We concluded that we should have just gotten one meal to share.

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  • Do they consider a full rack, the two sides of the pig? Wow, that is large!
    Nelson @ 2011-01-30

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