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Baby Shower Food

Posted: 01/04/11

Baby Shower Food

Restaurant: none

dre: For Jen's baby shower, there was a lot of food prepared by Becky and Jen's sister-in-law Jen. Yes, there were a lot of Jen's that day.

Jen the sister-in-law brought cupcakes. The flavours were apple, lemon, Skor, and chocolate. They were yummy.

Jen the sister-in-law and Joda made really fat sliders. Those were yummy.

There were also a ton of appetizers. I want to point out that there were 2 types of spring rolls, one homemade and other store bought. The homemade (lighter coloured) ones were far superior.

Pregnant Jen and Fred play a baby food game by taste testing and trying to guess what flavours the jars were. In conclusion, they said that baby food was extremely disgusting and bland and watered down. Can you guess what flavours are shown?


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  • I know absolutely nothing about baby food, but here goes:

    butternut squash, rice, pumpkin, apple and carrot
    Nelson @ 2011-01-04
  • I took some mental notes, but don't know if it's in this order: carrots, apples, sweet potato, banana, and ???
    dre @ 2011-01-06

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