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New Ice Cream Shop!

Posted: 01/02/11

New Ice Cream Shop!

Restaurant: Brampton Polka_Dot_Cow_Cafe

dre @ Ebenezer and The Gore: Is your resolution to eat healthier and less sweets? That WAS my plan, but a new ice cream dessert shop had opened up right by our house. They opened just at the tail end of summer, so unfortunately, they missed great ice cream business. I'm hoping that they will stay in business by next summer - I am definitely stopping in there for ice cream!

The first time I went in, I chatted with the owner a little bit. After peering at all the desserts, I decided on a Vanilla Cupcake for me and an Apple Cinnamon Cupcake to take home to Mike. The pastries are from Dufflet.

A couple days later, I took Mike over and we had waffles for breakfast. The owner basically made the batter as we were the only customers, and while we waited, we talked to her a bit more. Mike had the Waffle with syrup and whip cream and strawberries and I opted out on the whip cream but got chocolate sauce instead.

A couple weeks later on my way home, I decided to get something sweet, so this time I got these egg custards - Blueberry for me and Apple for Mike.

Everything was so yummy and I can't wait until the summer to try their ice cream!

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  • Apple...and raspberry?
    Nelson @ 2011-01-04

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