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Spring Rolls

Posted: 12/18/10

Spring Rolls

Restaurant: Spring_Rolls Toronto

Nelson @ Dundas & Yonge: This is a rare case where I took a picture of something I didn't eat. This Tornado roll just looks really cool. I have no idea how it tastes or whether it is any good, but it is a winner in terms of presentation.

Kitty had the Thai Chili Tamarind Seafood, a medley of tiger shrimps, calamari, scallops and fresh herbs. This dish was alright. I'm not sure exactly what tamarind tastes like, but I wouldn't mind trying it raw just to find out so that I could pick it in an assembled dish.

General Tao Chicken, lightly breaded chicken, broccoli, peppers and mixed vegetables in Chef Hai's unique General Tao sauce. Decently made and well presented, I just wish there as a little more chicken. It tastes good, but many places General Tao chicken also taste good.

Spring rolls has good presentation and the tastes are pretty clean and fresh. The negatives are that the menus is a little expensive for this type of food, but at the same time, it is less than any western restaurant. Also, the portions are a little small, but that is becoming less of an issue for me.

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  • The Tornado roll reminds me of Marge Simpson's hair :)
    dre @ 2010-12-21

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