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Fionn MacCool's

Posted: 12/10/10

Fionn MacCool's

Restaurant: Fionn_MacCools Toronto

Nelson @ Esplande: We went here because Bier Market was too full to let the rest of our group in. Still a good atmosphere, just not quite as great as Bier Market, and that's only partly due to the quality of bands playing. But the advantage is that you can order food here.

Since it's an Irish pub, we ordered Blarney Chips: warm, crisp waffle-cut potatoes covered with nippy cheese sauce, roma tomatoes, green onions and jalapeno peppers. Great combination, except i prefer real cheese over cheese whiz.

We also had a Guinness Poutine: A double order of fries seasoned with sea salt topped with Guinness gravy and fresh Quebec Cheddar cheese curds. Quite good, and the gravy was really heavy, perhaps due to the Guinness. It didn't taste like beer though, thankfully.

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