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India's Taste

Posted: 12/04/10

India's Taste

Restaurant: Brampton Indias_Taste

Nelson @ India's Taste: Again. But their price is so cheap and the food is decent. I don't really know good Indian food, so I say it's decent, but Kitty who eats more Indian food than me, doesn't like it as much. Maybe I like that it's buffet for just over $10.

Unfortunately I can't identify most of the dishes. I see a generous serving of butter chicken on top with a side of tandoori chicken. It would be nice if someone can help me identify the rest! Especially the dessert, which I took a liking to, but I have no idea what it is :(

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  • Heh, this place is walking distance from my parent's place, and Mike and I have only been there once.
    Mugs @ 2010-12-04

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