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Izakaya in Midtown

Posted: 12/27/10

Izakaya in Midtown

Restaurant: NYC Sake_Bar_Hagi

dre in NYC: For my first izakaya experience, we waited for almost an hour at Sake Bar Hagi near Times Square. It was small and the 5 of us squished around a small table in the corner. Drinks were cheap as a pitcher of Saporo was $12, and a bottle of sake was $6.

We ordered a bunch of things, mostly cooked as Mike and I don't really eat sushi.

Fried octopus ball - We were deceived and thought there was only 5 balls because the 6th one in the middle was covered. It looks similar to the one that Nelson had at Guu.

Mozzarella tempura was a special, and Mike requested it. I didn't try it and let others have the extra pieces.

Grilled Squid and Fried Tofu were pretty tasty.

The Kimchi fried udon was delicious! I liked how it came in a fairly sizeable portion.

The gyoza (pork dumplings) was a little disappointing. I've had better.

The seafood pancake and the beef steak were tasty. Nothing too special about them.

The seafood fried rice fell short of expectations after tasting the kimchi noodle.

The short ribs was pretty good. The beef tongue was something new I tried and I liked it. The final item, the fried chicken, was okay. I think by that time we were all full and it didn't look too appetizing.

I think 5-6 is a good amount of people to eat izakaya food.

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