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Pizza in Brooklyn

Posted: 12/25/10

Pizza in Brooklyn

Restaurant: Grimaldis NYC

dre in NYC: Third time is the charm, right? On my prior two visits to New York, we never made the trek to Brooklyn to line up for this famous pizza place, even though we've heard so much about it. Finally, we decided to go there for lunch, and at the same time, meet up with David and Donella since we were sort of in their 'hood.

On the internet, Grimaldi's website said that they opened at 11:30am on Saturdays, so we decided to meet at 11:00am. We all ended up being a little late and ran into them at the subway station. That was good news, because I had no idea where to go after we exited the subway.

We got to Grimaldi's, and there was already a line formed down the street. To our dismay, the sign on the door said that they opened at 12pm. So into the line like sheep we went. Time flew by as we just chit-chatted and caught up with each other.

Along came noon and the doors opened with one guy taking numbers and seating people. I heard people asking about the line for take out and the guy telling them that they have to stand in the same line even for take out. One very pregnant lady was so adamant that she tried to sneak in to order take out, but got kicked out by another employee, which I thought was good that they have people at the door keeping track. Finally, we watched this pregnant lady pay another person who was eligible to get take out to get pizzas for her. People are pretty impatient and clearly did not plan in advance.

Anyway, back to us. We were the next ones in and I was really excited! I can see that there was a whole row of tables still free, so I thought we would be in for sure. They asked how big our party was and we replied "6". To our dismay, the party of 2 behind us got seated. To our bigger dismay, a big line of people came around the corner, walked into the restaurant and were seated!!!! They were part of a pizza/Brooklyn bus tour!!! So we ended up waiting another 30 minutes before we were seated.

Ahh finally, the pizza! We got 3 pizzas - the plain margherita, a garlic and mushroom mushroom, and a pepperoni. We learned that the pizzas were generally green (basil leaves), white (cheese), and red (tomato sauce) to signify the Italian flag. Very cool.

I really enjoyed the pizzas and I thought they were tasty - very thin, so you can't put too many toppings on it. The ingredients were really fresh. While I was waiting for the washroom, I talked to the oven guy a bit. Each pizza is only put in the oven for about 40 seconds and then taken out. He was pretty sweaty.

It was quite an experience, and if there's a next time, I'll get take out and take my pizza to the park nearby to eat!

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  • So jealous.... last time I went I was able to see how long the lineup was, but didn't have time to wait for it. The pizza sounds like something I would really enjoy, so maybe next time I'll make the time to visit. How long did you have to wait in total?
    Nelson @ 2010-12-25
  • I say we waited for a little less than 1.5 hours.... wow!
    dre @ 2011-01-02

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