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Italian in Tudor City

Posted: 12/21/10

Italian in Tudor City

Restaurant: Convivio NYC

dre in NYC: After our pre-dinner pork buns, we walked 33 blocks north to Tudor City to meet Matt for dinner at Convivio. The reservation was made for 9pm, and I've never heard of something so late for dinner, but I think this is normal for those who work on Wall Street and in law firms in NYC.

We almost missed this place as it was tucked away on a small street, but since we were a little early, we had time to walk around and look for it. They had a outdoor patio which looked really cosy, but too bad it was too cold to eat outside. I imagine summer time would be quite nice.

Matt suggested the 4-course prix fixe meal and between Mike and I, we got to try out several different things on the menu. There were ingredients that I've never had before or even heard of, but I decided to just try it out and be adventurous.

The waiter came around with some olive bread.

For my appetizer, I chose the Quaglia - grilled quail, pancetta, frisee, mushrooms, apples. The pancetta wrapped around the quail leg and the side salad was good. I liked my first pick.

Mike had the Misticanza - farm greens, salame, olives, onions, cacciocavallo. It was just a salad. I didn't try too much of it.

Matt had the Fegatini - rustic chicken liver crostini, marsala onions. He let me try a piece and I thought it wasn't bad. The chicken liver part was a spread, so there was nothing weird about it.

For my primi course, I had the Cavatelli al Forno - baked ricotta cavatelli, braised rabbit ragu, fava beans, scarmorza. Honestly, all I read on the menu was "rabbit" and I was all over it. My baked pasta was really yumy and the rabbit tasted like chicken.

Mike tried the fusilli - neopolitan pork shoulder ragu, caciocavallo fonduta. The texture of the fusilli was interesting, a lot skinnier than my regular dried fusilli pasta that I get from the supermarket. The sauce was good.

For my secondi, I chose the Scottadito di Agnello - grilled lamb chops, salsa verde, escarole tomato, beans. This wasn't bad, though my lamb chops were a little on the fatty side.

Mike had the Tagliata di Manzo - creekstone farms new york strip grilled eggplant, black olive salmoriglio. From the bite I had of the steak, I remember it being a little more tough than I would preferred. As you can see, Mike got the steak medium rare... I'm slowly turning him over to the good side :)

Alas, dessert. I had the budino - warm dark chocolate, hazelnut gelato, candied hazelnuts. It was delish and the hazelnut gelato was the best part!

Mike saw "apple" and chose the Crostata di Mele Caramello - vin santo poached apple, cider caramel, brandy spice gelato. I think he was highly disappointed with his dessert just because it wasn't as apple-y as he would have preferred.

Despite all the courses being a smaller portion, I was surprisingly really full! Of course, it may have helped that we ate only an hour or so before this dinner.

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  • Another factor may be that usually these types of meals have a lot of fat, which fills you up.

    The apple dessert looks like it had a lot of apples. It looks cool too.

    How expensive was this meal?
    Nelson @ 2010-12-22
  • I believe the prix fixe was $65 - 1 antipasti, 1 primi, 1 secondi, and dessert
    dre @ 2011-01-02

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