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Guu Izakaya Part 2

Posted: 12/02/10

Guu Izakaya Part 2

Restaurant: Guu_Izakaya Toronto

Nelson: We went with a large group so we fortunately had a chance to try a large part of the menu (I would say around 60%).

Oden (Japanese hot pot) with egg, tempura, tofu, bamboo shoot, squid and fish cake, radish. This dish's presentation was so simple and so elegant. It was Zen. Not a good dish for sharing as I only got the tofu. The broth was very light. I will have to try this again sometime.

TAKOYAKI: Deep fried puffed octopus balls served with TONKATSU sauce and mustard mayo. Guu's is really liquidy inside, but more accurately I would say creamy. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but I like mine a little more solid. Great presentation with the bono flakes.

EBIMAYO: Deep fried prawn in crispy batter with spicy mayo. This dish was ok, and the sauce really added the fat along with the crispy batter.

BRIE CHEESE: Deep fried BRIE cheese with mango and blueberry sauce. I don't remember any blueberry sauce, but I do remember how rich this was! Kitty loves Brie and loved this dish. The only way you can make Brie fattier is if you batter it and then deep fry it. Yummy.

KARUBI: Salt& pepper grilled beef short ribs with green onion sauce. Fairly regular, but what made this dish standout is the sauce!

KIMCHI UDON Boiled UDON: noodle with spicy cod roe and topped with kimchi. A Korean dish, but not too memorable.

OKONOMIYAKI: Deep fried Japanese style pancake with TONKATSU sauce and mustard mayo. This was very similar to the takoyaki in taste, but different in texture. It was again really soft, but was doughier rather than creamy. Still very good and had a lot of taste.

KAKIMAYO: Grilled oysters with spinach, garlic mayo and cheese on the top. These were really tasty and how could it not with all those fatty toppings! It was really good.

YAKIUDON: Pan fried udon NOODLE with beef and vegetables. Fairly regular, but I found the noodles to be a little too chewy. Not sure if they are suppose to be like that...

TONTORO: Panfried pork cheek. This dish was surprisingly good. The meat is fatty and tendony, but really good. Unexpectedly good.

They gave us some grapes on the way out. It was a really good meal with so much variety, great presentation, lot's of strong and delicate tastes and great atmosphere. It did end up being a little pricey (menu), but we did order a little too much. Can't wait until I go next time!

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