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Guu Izakaya Part 1

Posted: 11/30/10

Guu Izakaya Part 1

Restaurant: Guu_Izakaya Toronto

Nelson @ Guu Izakaya Toronto: So much hype. So much anticipation. All worth it. Well except for the 2 hour wait just to get in. An Izakaya is a Japanese bar that serves food (not just snacks). Once you get in, you are greeting with a warm atmosphere of people seated together at long tables. We happened to get our own table where we promptly ordered some cheap beer (Sapporo, not pictured). Drink prices are excellent here. Food is a little pricey, but very good.

The first picture is sweet shrimp sashimi from Vancouver. I think they cooked this lightly since the shrimp is pink in colour, but they did taste and feel fairly raw. It was a little slimey, but still tasted pretty good. I didn't eat the head though, which is suppose to be good.

HOTATE CARPACCIO: Scallop sashimi from HOKKAIDO with wasabi dressing. This was excellent, as I love scallop. Raw scallop might take a bit of getting used to, but I like it both raw and cooked now. I enjoyed the wasabi dressing, which they seemed to use quite often, but otherwise it is scallop presented nicely.

KINOKO CHEESE BIBIMBAP: Rice, garlic sauteed mushrooms and cheese with seaweed sauce. This was the surprise of the night. Who would have thought that cheese in bibimbap would be good? Well it is amazing. The mushrooms added a nice texture and flavour as well. Creative and well put together dish.

GYU CARPACCIO: Lightly seared marbled beef sashimi with wasabi mayo. Scared to eat raw seafood? What about raw beef? When beef is served raw, it comes from a freezer and is served cold. The sauce gave it a nice hint of spice for extra flavour and tastiness. I recommend it if you can stomach it!

MAGURO TATAKI: Lightly seared B.C. albacore tuna sashimi with ponzu sauce and garlic chips. I have no notes on this, so I'm not sure whether I got a piece. The garlic chips seem interesting though, but I have no recollection of the taste. I'll definitely order this next time I go.

ABURI SALMON: Lightly seared Atlantic salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce and wasabi mayo. I wrote in my notes that I didn't get any :(

Sweet Soy Sauce marinated B.C. Tuna and a hint of wasabi: This was my favourite sashimi dish of the night by far. The marination really made it taste good along with freshness of the fish made it almost melt in your mouth. Too bad this was a seasonal special!

BUTAKIMCHI BIBIMBAP: Rice, spicy ground pork, kimchi, assorted vegetables and an egg in a hot stone bowl. Looks cool and taste as expected, but not that unique or special.

YAKIUDON: Pan fried udon NOODLE with beef and vegetables. Pretty typical and the noodles were a little too chewy for my tastes.

SASHIMI SALAD: Today's assorted Sashimi on greens with wasabi mayo. Good and had some scallop which added to some nice variety, but a very difficult sharing dish.

GINDARA: Grilled black cod with SAIKYO miso and white wine sauce. Very fatty. Very rich. Very good taste.

This is only half our meal! Next post will be the rest!

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  • Ooo.. I want to try this place! We went to an Izakaya place in NYC, and it's tickled my taste buds to consider lining up for Guu.
    dre @ 2010-11-30
  • Oh sucks to be you, the salmon is my favourite!
    Ben @ 2010-12-22

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