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Grand Cuisine Crab

Posted: 11/28/10

Grand Cuisine Crab

Restaurant: Grand_Chinese_Cuisine Toronto

Nelson @ Doubletree: Had another nice meal at Doubletree with my parents this time. We ordered a crab on a bed of nian gao. I enjoyed seeing the whole crab on top, but I think they should have included a little more nian gao. It was not enough to function as the rice/noodle for the meal, but we didn't order any more.

The House Special Golden Fried Chicken was well done and it was nice that it came with sesame walnuts. We also had a lemon pork, which thankfully was not the typical American Chinese food version. This had nicely marbled (for pork) chunks of pork with a sauce that was not disgustingly sweet.

Although expensive, this is higher quality Chinese food. Now if only they didn't charge extra for "condiments", it would be better.

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