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Cumin is strong

Posted: 11/24/10

Cumin is strong

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: This time I decided to "kick it up a notch!". I marinaded the chicken the night before in a bath of cumin/tumeric/paprika/parsley. From the picture it looks like I overdid it. Well I did.

I baked the chicken and put it in wrap with hummus, cheese, green onion and lettuce. What a excellent combination. BUT the spice was so strong that I could almost not handle it. After I ate this, my pores stunk of cumin and I literally stank. I never knew that cumin was the strong Indian spice that had a very strong odour. I had never eaten enough to know until this time.

The wraps were delicious, but next time I'll know to take it a little easier on the cumin.


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  • Tumeric and paprika are mostly for colouring and pretty tasteless. Though I never thought you could overdo on cumin!
    Mugs @ 2010-11-24

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