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Double Down...eaten by Nelson

Posted: 11/20/10

Double Down...eaten by Nelson

Restaurant: Kentucky_Fried_Chicken

Nelson @ KFC: I too had to try it when it came to Canada. The first thing is the price. $6.99 for a sandwich? They must be trying to cash in on the fad while it lasts. There's no way that two pieces of chicken with bacon and cheese should cost that much.

I ordered just the sandwich because I figured that would be enough food. Looking up the nutritional info, in terms of calories, it's actually not that bad. It's the equivalent of a Big Mac, but with more sodium. So I think the media blew it out of proportion, but I guess KFC doesn't mind since it is free advertising.

When you get it, it's smaller than you expect considering how large it is in the advertisements. Unlike Mike, I think that the two breast pieces are actually chicken. The chicken itself has the texture and grain of a normal piece of chicken, so it's hard to believe that it would be processed - although I wouldn't put it past them. Maybe it is, because I wondered throughout the whole meal how did they get two pieces with a flat edge on one side. I guess you can shape it, or you maybe it's processed. Anyway, I'll never know.

The bacon is a little weak and not that tasty and the cheese also blends into the sandwich. It did melt though as evidenced by they last "innards" picture. I did taste the sauce though, which made it a little more wet and juicy to make it easier to eat. The "Colonel's special sauce" is a spicy mayo type which was ok. The whole thing is very salty and it definitely had a taste to it. The part I didn't like, much like the baconator (which has more calories) is that there is no variation in texture. It's all a soft ball of fat. A salty ball of fat.

Kitty had the Mashed Potato Bowl: Creamy mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn and bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken, drizzled home-style gravy and topped off with a shredded three-cheese blend. This was also gross. The potatoes tasted like the powder mix, the corn was dry and the worst part was the chicken. They were basically all batter with no chicken inside. And everything was soggy. Disappointing.

So I guess I would get double down again if forced to, but wouldn't get it normally and definitely would not go out of my way to get it. And really, it's not that bad for you, considering what else is out there.

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  • i quite enjoyed this entry and the one before. Living in NYC i've had access to the double down for quite a while, but haven't tried it yet. I still don't think i will... unless i'm drunk or something.
    PMA @ 2010-11-20

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