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Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse...Meats!

Posted: 11/12/10

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse...Meats!

Restaurant: Copacabana_Brazilian_Steakhouse Toronto

Nelson: So the deal is, servers come around with giant sticks with grilled meat. And it is nonstop. Well as long as you have the card on "Fire it up" they will keep coming to you. Awesome.

I'm going to try to identify the various cuts of meat from top to bottom left to right:

top sirloin, marinated sirloin, Parmesan pork, chicken drumstick, ribs (not on the official list), tri-tip steak, cheese stuffed prime rib, fish (not on the official menu either), turkey wrapped in bacon, boneless leg of lamb peppercorn steak (this may be the tri-tip again), roasted pineapple

Also on the menu, but I either didn't take a picture of or they didn't have it that night were: prime rib, filet mignon (my picture was really blurry so I didn't include this) , sesame ginger steak (got changed to ribs I think) and sausage (pictured on my plate).

I really enjoyed the top sirloin and the prime rib with cheese. The pork was a little disappointing as well as the turkey even though it was wrapped in bacon. I liked the chicken and the other steaks as well. Overall very good though, but it is disappointing that I could only try a little of each before quickly getting full. My plate was overflowing with meat since they came out so quickly and I couldn't say no.

Surprisingly, one of the highlights of the meal was the pineapple. They sprinkle some cinnamon on it and grill it and the results are spectacular. Out table could not have enough of this!

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience, but the cost prevents me from going regularly. This is just about the best buffet type possible. You definitely get what you pay for.

When you can't eat any more meat, you flip your card to "Cool it down" so that the servers don't come around to your table anymore. That is the end of the meal.

dre: I'm glad Nelson took all the pictures, because I was too overwhelmed with eating all the meats. This meal was so long ago, that I cannot remember which meats I especially liked, but I believe most of them were extremely tender and juicy. I didn't like the cheese infused ones as much as the rest of the table, but I really really really really loved the pineapple. In fact, after this meal, I bought a cinnamon shaker from the grocery store, thinking that I would get some pineapples and grill them on the BBQ in the summer. We never got around doing that though.

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