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Feast at Kitty's

Posted: 11/02/10

Feast at Kitty's

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Kitty's: Kitty's family had my family over for dinner and we had seafood galore!

We started with BC crab in a butter onion sauce. I think BC crab is the best type out there. I like it more and more every time I eat it.

We had a egg drop soup flavoured with seafood. Next was a oyster stir fry. The oysters were huge! I wonder what type they are...

Mushroom with scallop and broccoli and the ketchup flavoured fried shrimp, which is delicious.

Pictured next is a selection of chinese sausage and fish (skate), which isn't my favourite because of the bones and texture of the meat.

Once again mushroom and scallop, but this time, it is dried scallop and shiitake mushroom. Totally different dish from the previous ones, with heavy flavours instead of fresh flavours. Even though this dish is more luxurious, I prefer the fresh kind.

Last is the vegetable dish, dou miao. To finish the meal, fruit and a cake! Great meal, thanks Kitty's family!


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