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Asian Legend

Posted: 10/31/10

Asian Legend

Restaurant: Asian_Legend Toronto

Nelson @ Asian Legend: Went here during the holidays with my cousins for a nice meal. I like Asian Legend as they seem to do the dishes right and the place is pleasant instead of dirty and rundown like most chinese restaurants. We got the set meal for $128.

Steamed Soup Filled Dumplings Crab meat and pork. They are suppose to be a Northern Chinese cuisine place, so they had these water dumplings. They were pretty good here, not the best, but well done. Lot's of liquid inside, which was nice.

Crab Meat & fish Maw Soup. I like adding red vinegar to this dish for extra tastiness. Once it is added, I like this soup, otherwise it is a little plain.

Vancouver Crab with Ginger & Green Onion that got changed into Lobster. Not to complain I guess, but I was looking forward to some crab.

House Special Crispy Chicken. I felt like this portion should have been a little larger, but it was freshly made, crunchy and juicy, so it tasted good.

Casserole Assorted Seafood & Tofu. Nothing special although I enjoyed eating the tofu for variety.

Steamed Live Fish. I got to pick at the fish at the end since no one else seemed like they wanted to bother. It's kinda fun!

Snowpea Shoots with King Mushroom was our veggie dish. Always with the snowpea shoots :)

Dessert was really good...red bean filling in a pancake fried in oil, Northern Chinese style. It's rare that I have this dish, but I really enjoyed it. It was bursting with oily filling and tasted really good.

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  • Asian legend is probably the thing i miss most about Toronto. Fantastic post.
    PMA @ 2010-10-31

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