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Slow Cooker Wednesdays In October

Posted: 11/29/10

Slow Cooker Wednesdays In October

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dre: I wanted to use the slow cooker more often, so I deemed Wednesdays to be "Slow Cooker Wednesdays". During the month of October, stewing beef was constantly on sale at Fortinos, I made a lot of beef dishes. All meals generated a lot of leftovers, so we ate the same things for a couple of days. I think I am done with beef stews for a little while.

Beef and Red Wine - I had some left over red wine, so I made this simple meal using beef, onions, red wine and pepper. It tasted as plain as it sounded, but I also used whole wheat pasta, so that may have added to the bland taste.

Steak Bake - This recipe used tomato soup, potatoes, carrots, chicken broth, celery, green peppers and other spices. I served it with rice. It tasted like a tomato sauce rice dish. I didn't particularly like it that much and probably would not make it again.

Beef Stroganoff - This had some red and green peppers, onions, chicken broth, red wine, and other spices. The leftovers thickened and only the next day, the dish resembled stroganoff. To be honest, all the beef stews started tasting similar after a while.

I think November will have more chicken dishes on Slow Cooker Wednesdays.


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  • All you need is sour cream to really make it stroganoff. That's a good idea for the next time I have extra sour cream and don't know what to do with it.
    Nelson @ 2010-12-03

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