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Too Many Choices!

Posted: 11/25/10

Too Many Choices!

Restaurant: Bier_Markt Toronto

dre @ King & Portland: Jill was leaving for Beijing for a year, so we had a good bye dinner with her at Bier Markt in King West. It was my first time eating at Bier Markt and also my first time at this location. It is much smaller than the Esplanade one, with more tables for dining patrons.

I took a really long time deciding what beer to get because there were so many choices. Finally, I narrowed it down to a German beer since they were featuring their Oktoberfest menu. Their beer menu has the alcoholic percentage shown as well as calorie numbers, so I chose the German beer that had the most volume per price to get the best "deal", even though each pint was crazy expensive anyway. It turned out that the "cheapest" was not the best. My Hacker-Pschorr beer tasted weird with too many flavours and not beer-like at all.

Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel (German) - This dark wheat beer is crafted with chocolate malts to foster rich colouring, and 60% wheat to develop its effervescent body. Balanced malts, mild fruit, and light hops characterize this beer.

I'm glad Mike got the Früli Strawberry Wheat Ale (Belgium) - Früli is a blend of high quality, lightly hopped Belgian white beer and pure strawberries. This all natural beer delivers and soft and refreshing indulgence that is simply delicious! Früli is excellent served as an apéritif, with a salad or even as a dessert. Früli is low is calories and high in vitamin B, making it a great choice for the health conscious.

They served us bread. There were 2 loaves on the table and one was stale and the other was really tasty.

I had the Kirsch Jagerschnitzel - crisp chicken cutlet, sauteed green beans, crisp bacon & Yukon potato bratkartoffein, dark cherry reduction. I didn't like the dark cheery reduction too much, but I liked my chicken better than Mike's veal. I managed to eat slowly and was able to take some food home for leftovers.

Mike ate the Schnitzel - panko crusted veal cutlets, grilled asparagus, Yukon mash, tomato jam, preserved lemon, caper emulsion, veal reduction. It was good from the small piece of veal I tried.

Narinder had the Tomato & Goat Cheese Flat Bread - vine ripe & oven roasted tomato, Ontario goat cheese, roasted garlic, lemon. She also got the Markt Fries and they were delicious! We kept picking off her plate.

I don't think I would go to Bier Markt by choice for eats, as I found it quite expensive for what it was. I'd rather go to a nice Italian or Steakhouse instead for the price we paid.


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  • I've never been to bier market to eat....looks interesting, but too bad it's expensive.

    That dark beer sounds really good, and the light fruity one not so much. My personal preference though.
    Nelson @ 2010-12-03

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