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Cold Weather Means Hot Pot Time

Posted: 11/21/10

Cold Weather Means Hot Pot Time

Restaurant: Markham The_New_Hot_Pot_King

dre @ Old Kennedy & Denison: My first hot pot of the season! We went to this place in Markham with my family. I couldn't take too many pictures because it was pretty crowded and the food came out really slow. Or basically, I forgot to or couldn't be bothered. There were spices and sauces you can make yourself, as well as a shared pot between 4 people. The spicy side wasn't very spicy at all. The service was really slow, and they constantly forgot to give us our dumplings. It was really cheap though - about $11 per person for AYCE dinner.


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  • I remember coming here! I like the fact that there is a buffet of sauces and you can make your own. They have quite the selection, more than most places.
    Kitty @ 2010-11-21

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