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Double Down Comes To Canada!

Posted: 11/19/10

Double Down Comes To Canada!

Restaurant: Brampton Kentucky_Fried_Chicken

This is the first post that is not written by me or Nelson. The Double Down came to Canada and since I had no intentions of trying it, Mike has kindly provided his pictures and opinion of this heavily advertised monstrosity.

Mike @ McLaughlin & Bovaird: The highly anticipated double down at KFC finally made its way to north of the border, and was met with tons of harsh criticism and media to further fuel the hype. As I'm one to follow hype, it was a no-brainer that I must have one of these so called double down to verify the claims.

Just like the movie Harold and Kumar, my coworkers and I made clear instructions to each other that nobody is allowed to eat until we all sit down together. We arrived at KFC and ordered the double down combo. At first I was just going to order the sandwich, but thought it would be a better idea to have a nice large pepsi to help the food go down. So there we are, cheers-ing our double down and taking the plunge.

First impressions was that the sandwich was a bit small. Surprisingly it also wasn't very greasy at all, especially for an item from KFC. The cheese itself was not melted (at all) and the sauce looked like it was thrown on with a spoon from a good foot away. And the bacon was wedged in there somewhere.

Now it's time to get the hands dirty. After taking the first bite, it hit me hard that I just bit through not one, but two deliciously tasting and well seasoned KFC chicken breast pieces that melted in the mouth. It wasn't as breaded as I hoped, and only during the meal did I realize that it was two skinless chicken breasts. I guess that makes sense considering it had to be processed meat without skin. It wasn't really salty until I finally bit into the sandwich where the bacon was hiding. That truly is the salty part of the darn thing. I couldn't really taste the Colonel's sauce nor could I truly taste the cheese. But realistically, it was no saltier than say a plate of nachos at your favourite local bar, or even a slice of pizza. Hype definitely was blown out of proportion.

Ironically if I would eat it again, I would (but I won't) probably opt out of the bacon to reduce the saltiness. And since I couldn't really taste the cheese nor the sauce, I would opt out of those. Heck, I think the reality is, if you breaded three KFC chicken breast patties I'd probably just eat that straight!

I would recommend anyone to try it, but you cannot compare its unhealthy state due to media. I think a plate of Chinese food is far worse than this 550 calorie sandwich.

And just don't eat the bacon if it's too salty. I would definitely eat it again - if I was challenged to :)


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