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Giving French Food A Second Chance

Posted: 11/13/10

Giving French Food A Second Chance

Restaurant: Le_Papillon Toronto

dre @ Front & Church: I had just graduated from school when I went to Le Papillon for the first time. Back then, I was poorer and hungrier. I had organised my annual Suit Meal with my friends and came here for dinner. Entrées over $20 were almost unheard of and totally absurd. I left this restaurant feeling ripped off and still hungry.

A couple years later, after being a bit more established, I am a little bit more ballin' (or accepting) when eating out. $20 is still absurd for an entrée, but I accept it. I guess French food everywhere is expensive. We didn't choose this restaurant, but came out for a friend's birthday dinner.

Mike got the Saturday night special for $24 - Escalopes de veau - Veal scaloppini, Calvados cream sauce, potatoes, and daily vegetables. His dish was pretty tasty.

I picked something French and had the $17.50 Tourtière - The authentic Québécois meat pie baked with seasoned pork, veal & beef, house chutney, potatoes & vegetables. I enjoyed the crust, but I thought the meat was dry. I could have used some Ketchup. I didn't like the chutney at all.

If I didn't mention this before, I have this new resolution for when I eat out for dinner. I try to only eat half and pack the rest away to prevent myself from overeating. So far, it's working out, although I find myself cheating by just eating more bread! I picked at the meat pie, and had some of it and the potatoes packed. Whoo! Portion control.

Someone had brought in a mousse cake surrounded with Ladyfingers. The restaurant charged everyone a $1.50 cake plating fee.

I also noticed that they did not charge for bread, as they had the first time I came here. I was really annoyed with that last time, but I guess this time, under these circumstances, I pay their cake plating fee instead.

Seriously, cake plating fee?! These fancy restaurants are too much for me. What happened to free courteous service?

This place is still not one of my favourites.

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