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Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Posted: 11/09/10

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Restaurant: Markham Miu_Garden

dre @ Kennedy & Steeles: Because the grandkids didn't go on my Grandpa's birthday cruise, we decided to treat him for dinner instead. We went to Miu Garden, which is inside Market Village. We got a pretty sweet deal for this meal. The food wasn't too bad, but just a little salty.

We had a roast pig, which we brought in (with the permission from the restaurant). The meal didn't include roast pig, as you can see from the dishes of meats and jellyfish.

Celery and snow peas with shrimp and squid. Crab claws were yummy.

The shark fin soup was very thick.

The chicken wasn't bad. I haven't had a shrimp chip in a long time!

Instead of a steamed fish, we got this fried fish presentation where they stir fried the fish meat. I prefer this.

Fake abalone and mushrooms.

Garlicy lobster with noodles underneath. This dish was really salty.

And of course, the rice and noodles.

There was red bean soup, but I didn't take a picture. I tried a piece of cake, but it wasn't very good.

Instead we bought a cake from Costco which was so cute and very delicious!

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  • Is the deep fried part of the fish edible?

    Lobster looks good in the pic.

    That cake is really cute.
    Nelson @ 2010-11-15

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