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Thanksgiving Without The Parents

Posted: 11/03/10

Thanksgiving Without The Parents

Restaurant: none

dre: My grandpa turns 90 this year, so my parents, aunts, and uncles took them on a cruise to Bermuda. The grandkids were invited as well, but none of us could go. Since the parents were gone during Thanksgiving, we decided to cook our own Thanksgiving meal in lieu of them. We went to my cousins' house, where I made my first oven roasted turkey. This bad boy was 10 pounds, and sat in brine for about 12 hours before being transported to be baked. I grew slightly attached to this raw turkey, as it was about the same size as a baby (although headless, so that was kinda weird). I baked him for about 3.5 hours and he was golden and delicious.

Mike made very flavourful roasted potatoes.

Lemuel made an ultimate lasagna with ground beef and ground pork, and tons of vegetables. I took some leftovers home for lunch the following week.

The Mo's made veggies and brought an apple pie. The Woo's made a banana-flavoured pie. Something about banana flavoured edibles always taste medicinal for some reason.

It was a great night and I have proven my domesticatedness! :)


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