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India's Taste

Posted: 11/01/10

India's Taste

Restaurant: Brampton Indias_Taste

dre @ Mavis & Ray Lawson: I've heard many great things about this place, like how great the food is and how cheap the prices are, all from different sources. So I decided to make the trek there for lunch on one of the days I worked at home. I dragged Lemuel along, and we met Mike at noon.

The place was pretty big and well ventilated. When we got there, it was slightly before 12, so the place was empty and the food just started coming out. I didn't bother getting all the names of the food I ate, but I know it consisted of butter chicken and a really spicy curry chicken.

The naan came out fresh out of their oven, and I even asked for extras to pack some home. Their samosas and potato fried things were definitely a highlight as well.

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