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Big Fat Greek Buffet (Nelson)

Posted: 10/21/10

Big Fat Greek Buffet (Nelson)

Restaurant: Big_Fat_Greek_Buffet Mississauga

Nelson @ Dixie & Eglinton: Andrea had a bit of a different experience from mine, so I'm going to skip the line and post this one now.

Unfortunately, I had to pick up my parents in the middle of the meal, so I didn't get a picture of the second plate. I too wanted to try everything, but I concentrated on the expensive items - meat souvlaki. It also happens to be the best part about Greek cuisine IMO. The chicken and pork were really good, with a slight preference for the chicken as it was juicer. I had around 5 skewers and I was happy. They were made pretty fresh too, so that was a bonus. The beeftika was like a meatball with a lot of spices, but unfortunately I didn't like the spices that much. The sausage was underwhelming.

The stuffed pepper was pretty good and filling, but luckily I shared it with Kitty. There were a few stews, I think with lamb or goat, but I didn't try it. The moussaka was only ok, a little dry. There was a pasta bake next to it, but I didn't try it either. There were two potatoes, a lemon one and a gravy one. I tried the lemon one and I enjoyed the tartness. There were two varieties of phyllo, a cheese and a spinach one. Despite being out on a counter, they were pretty warm and also delicious.

There was a large variety of desserts. I had to get a bite sized piece of baklava as I love that stuff. I tried the Greek donuts "touloumbes", which tasted exactly like a honey soaked donut.

I found it interesting how Andrea and I gravitated towards different foods. Overall, I enjoyed it because I got to AYCE souvlaki which was a novel experience. It was a little pricey for the type of food, but considering how expensive a souvlaki dinner plate usually is, it is not that much you get everything else!

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  • Nelson --> meats
    Andrea --> sweets
    dre @ 2010-10-22

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