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Burrito Boyz Cravings

Posted: 10/26/10

Burrito Boyz Cravings

Restaurant: Brampton Burrito_Boyz Toronto

dre @ Queen & Kennedy and Adelaide & Simcoe: Dave took me to Burrito Boyz in Brampton way back in the summer. That time, we shared a chicken burrito and it was the best burrito I've ever had! I liked the abundance of filling and I didn't have to get cheese and it was deliciousness!

On another occasion, I was downtown, so I went to Burrito Boyz on Adelaide and got the Halibut. The fish was also so good!

The last burrito I vowed to try was the steak. I kept thinking about it and it was the only place I wanted to have lunch the next time I worked downtown. So lo and behold, the opportunity came, and I finally got the steak burrito. It was good and spicy, but it was my least favourite of the 3.

So in order of my favourite - Chicken, Halibut, Steak. I really just ranked the chicken over the fish mostly because it's cheaper, so it's the one I'm likely going to get the most often.

I also timed how long it takes to get a burrito. The steak one took about 12 minutes from order to getting the burrito. Not too "fast" for fast food.

Has anyone had the shrimp one before?

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  • I think my order is Halibut, Steak, Chicken, although all are good.
    Nelson @ 2010-10-26
  • Hi BiteMe,

    I tried out the Brampton Location in the fall. I ordered their shrimp burrito, and found the shrimp to be undercooked.
    The person ahead of me in line had the same issue and sent it back for a new one.
    I also tried half their steak burrito and it was good. Moreso in the way that a burrito is good because of the variety of its ingredients, steak didn't make that much of an impression other then being very well minced.

    Will have to try the chicken next time.
    Nick @ 2011-04-04

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