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Ambassador Again...with Reinforcements

Posted: 10/11/10

Ambassador Again...with Reinforcements

Restaurant: Ambassador_Chinese_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Ambassador: After telling our parents about the Peking Duck deal, they wanted to go as well. So we got both families together and enjoyed a nice meal here. This time we split it among 9 people instead of 2. Big difference.

But it also meant we coudl try some more dishes beyond the 2 servings of duck (upgraded 2nd course). We tried their chicken, some pork neck stir fry with lotus root (very good dish), a fish stewing pot, fried oysters, a seafood stew, fried rice with a variety of meats and a vegetarian dish with lots of mushrooms.

Maybe it's because we just went there in the previous weeks, but it didn't taste quite as good. Still a very good meal overall made with really fresh ingredients and executed well. Good restaurant, I like!

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  • i've said it before and i'll say it again. when i see these sort of pics i miss toronto SO, SO MUCH.
    PMA @ 2010-10-11

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