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Ethiopian Goodness

Posted: 07/06/07

Ethiopian Goodness

Restaurant: Addis_Ababa Toronto

dre: We randomly came across this restaurant, Addis Ababa Restaurant, on the way to karaoke-ing downtown near Queen St W and Ossington. I've never eaten Ethiopian cuisine before, and I thought it was extremely interesting that we didn't get any utensils, but simply ripped the crepe and used that to pick up our food. It was tasty.

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  • We tried one near Yonge/College, it was quite interesting indeed (I'm sure Maggie has photos, just have to dig it out), especially the Ethiopian black coffee (that you have to pre-order before meal as it takes 1 hour), and left with coffee tarts, LOTS of them
    Jerry Hung @ 2007-07-09
  • The crepe thing is called 'injera' and it looks like yours is the whole wheat version or something. There is an Ethiopian place near Yonge + Wellesley that's okay. I ate there once with my GF who lived in Ethiopia for a few months and she said it was pretty authentic. But I could only eat the injera and tibs (beef) because I didn't like the rest of it.
    Matt @ 2007-07-18
  • What is the rest of it? I can't tell from picture...
    Nelson @ 2007-07-20
  • hmm i can't remember what we ate... I should have taken a picture of the menu. From what I recall, some spicy sauced chicken/beef/pork(reminds me of korean bibambap red sauce), curry chicken/beef/pork, some other meat, 3 veggie options with similar sauces, and one pickled veggie, and green stuff in the middle hahah
    i'm so descriptive.
    dre @ 2007-08-29

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