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Gaido's in Gavelston

Posted: 10/07/10

Gaido's in Gavelston

Restaurant: Gaidos Galveston

Nelson @ Galveston: Apparently this is a Galveston institution (founded in 1911), but we picked this place along the seawall because it had the most cars parked outside. Good Choice.

The started by bringing out a really tasty bread full of cheese and herbs. They brought out butter AND olive oil dip which made it even better! We asked for another one, but by the time it came, our huge mains were in front of us and we neglected the bread. But it was one of the best breads I've had.

We got a "Famous Complete Dinner" which is a half portion A La Carte entree with soup (lobster bisque), vegetable side and small dessert (of which they gave us a large). So the next picture is the lobster bisque, which was a little too salty for my liking. One of the rare missteps from this meal.

I ordered the Shrimp Peques: Bacon wrapped around jumbo sized golf shrimp, stuffed with pickled jalapeno, cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese, dusted in seasoned flour, pan sauteed and basted with a brown sugar-chipotle glaze. After such a long description I had to order it shrimp...wrapped in bacon...stuff with cheese! I had the vegetables, Mexican fried rice and mushrooms (pictured are the onion rings, which look more impressive, but was someone else's meal) to complement. As it sounds, the bacon shrimp was full of fattiness, but tasted incredible. The jalapeno made it have a bit of a bite and the cheese made it even fattier. It was so good tasting, but also extremely unhealthy.

My dad tried the seafood platter with Mahi Mahi, scallop and shrimp all blackened, which they define as "dusted with Cajun seasonings and pan seared on a cast iron skillet (hot and spicy)". The fish was very nice and the shrimp & scallop tasted a little burnt, but I think that was what they were going for. It was a nice selection of seafood, but all tasted very similar. Still very good though.

The aforementioned complete dinner is next and we picked Tuna. This was seared just right so that it was rare in the middle. The texture was incredible, as it was like a cross between a pork chop and steak. I never imagined it could be cooked like this and it tasted really good as well. Those are Au Gratin potatoes next to it and they tasted as good as they looked. This huge piece of tuna was only a half portion! Crazy!

I took a closeup of the tuna, bacon shrimp, scallop and shrimp to drool over.

Since they were selling pecan pies in the front for takeout (some shaped like Texas) we decided to try it for dessert. It came as a full portion from the friendly waiter with a scoop of pecan ice cream. It was sweet and very good.

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the other desserts. They look good!

Also, I must complement them on the service. Very attentive and polite wait staff and we got a full dessert portion upgrade!

I understand why this place is an institution. This meal only costed $81 + tax for three, so it wasn't even that expensive! SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

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  • OMG... shrimp wrapped bacon! I think I'm becoming a tuna steak fan now... My taste buds are growing up!
    dre @ 2010-10-07

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