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Softball Celebration Buffet!

Posted: 10/18/10

Softball Celebration Buffet!

Restaurant: Big_Fat_Greek_Buffet Mississauga

dre and Nelson @ Dixie & Aimco: To celebrate our slo-pitch season, we ate somewhere that wasn't McDonald's. I never knew this Greek buffet existed, and reviews online gave it 50% like and 50% dislike. I wanted to try everything.

On my first plate, I had spicy rice, a stuffed pepper, stewed beef, potatoes, steamed veggies and I couldn't resist getting some chocolate chip oat cookies. I liked the rice, potatoes and stuffed pepper. I was hoping that I didn't eat too many carbs to try other things. I had to eat fast in order to not get full.

So for my second plate, I tried the stuffed tomato (not as good as the pepper), peas, lima beans, stewed chicken, pasta in bechemel sauce (I tried not to get too much sauce and more pasta), a tiny piece of moussaka just to try it out, a meatball, and a spinach triangle. Mike gave me a piece of pork souvlaki. I liked the pork a lot. I didn't try the eggplant dish. Moussaka is enough eggplant for me for one sitting.

For my third dish, I had calamari, fries, beeftekia (which is hamburger-like), Greek sausage (not that great), cold grilled veggies (would have preferred it hot), pita, and hummus and macaroni salad at the salad bar.

The Mediterranean pizza finally came out, but it wasn't very good.

I went nuts on the dessert. After having a plate of fruit, I got more chocolate chip oat cookies, apple walnut almond cake, chocolate custard, an almond cookie, baklava, chocolate cake, orange almond cake, and a Greek doughnut. The doughnut just came out fresh and it was delicious!

Then I went back to get some biscottis and banana strawberry ice cream. The ice cream tasted like medicine.

I stuffed myself like a crazy person that night, but I don't know if I would choose to come back again. However, I would not object if someone else picked the place for a meal.

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  • oh the eggplant dish was soo good! and so was the baklava, let me know if you want to go again =)
    Kitty @ 2010-10-18
  • Hi,

    Loved your review! Does this restaurant have enough vegetarian dishes to feed a vegetarian?
    Shaozhi @ 2011-05-07

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