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Paul and Danica's Wedding

Posted: 10/14/10

Paul and Danica's Wedding

Restaurant: Regal_Palace Richmond_Hill

dre @ Hwy 7 and Chalmers: Paul and Danica had their wedding banquet at Regal Palace. We were actually invited to 3 weddings on the same day, but we committed to this one first, so we ate dinner here and ducked out to eat from another wedding's sweet table afterwards. But before we left, I really wanted to eat a cupcake, so we stayed until they cut the cake. I ended up eating a red velvet cupcake. Yummy!

My camera ran out of batteries, so I took the whole dinner's pictures with my BlackBerry. Sorry for the blurriness.

We started with the roast pig. I took a picture of the leftover pig after the waiter distributed to the plates. The pig was extremely salty and fatty.

I enjoyed the breaded scallop. I think I took Mike's and gave him a broccoli.

The next dish is shrimp and snap peas. Again, I traded Mike for another piece of shrimp.

The shark fin's soup was next. It was pretty good.

Abalone and vegetables... typical.

Roast chicken and shrimp chips. I haven't had shrimp chips in a long time! I found the chicken a little bit dry.

I didn't have too much steamed fish. Mike and I shared a plate and hardly touched it.

I ate some lobster. The pace of the meal was going pretty fast and I was getting full.

My favourite part of the meal, the noodles and rice! I scarfed down 2 bowls of noodles and a bowl of rice, which was yin yang rice. I wanted a second bowl of rice, but the waiter took it away :( I've never seen that before and they usually keep the rice and noodles on the table.

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