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Tandoori Flame Birthday

Posted: 10/10/10

Tandoori Flame Birthday

Restaurant: Brampton Tandoori_Flame

dre @ Dixie and Orenda: We had a mini surprise dinner for Joda's birthday at Tandoori Flame. I had been craving Indian food for awhile now, and was delighted that his wife suggested Tandoori Flame.

On my first plate, I had tawa vegetables, which were veggies stir fried on a skillet. I also had some deep fried goodies - samosa, spring roll, and a spiced hash brown potato. The potato was really good. I grabbed a piece of naan as well.

On my second plate, I got some of the saucier hot foods. The yellow rice on the right is the chicken biryani, and on top was chicken curry. On the vegetable fried rice, I put tikka masala chicken and butter chicken. I grabbed some aloo gobi (cauliflower). I decided that I just really like the butter chicken sauce and that I didn't care too much about the chicken. Next time I know just to get the sauce.

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