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Lambo Restaurant

Posted: 10/03/10

Lambo Restaurant

Restaurant: Houston Lam_Bo_Restaurant

Nelson @ Houston: For a quick meal with the family we went to this Chinese buffet. This was stereotypical Chinese-American food, and I discovered I didn't like it very much. Maybe because it was a buffet and the quality is not as good, or because I've been spoiled with good Chinese food in Toronto, but I thought the quality was low. I may even start to appreciate Mandarin (a local Chinese buffet) more. The had the common chinese-american dishes, but didn't taste fresh and felt too deliberate. The BBQ pork, an important staple of Chinese cuisine tasted pretty bad, which is not a good indication of the general quality.

Since we were in the South, they had crawfish on the menu. Unfortunately I was not brave enough that day to try it. It looked unappetizing in the tray and I didn't know how to eat it and what parts were edible, so I just took a picture. Maybe some other time...

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