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My First Russian Wedding

Posted: 10/06/10

My First Russian Wedding

Restaurant: Imperator Toronto

dre @ Imperator: We went to Paul and Marina's very Russian wedding. We found our table to see a mountain of appetizers, not sure if we were allowed to start picking at the food. In fact, the first 6 pictures are of the appetizers and I tried most of it.

The first picture is typical shrimp cocktail. I had a lot of it, because it was the closest to me.

The next picture shows some really raw looking slabs of salmon (which I didn't try), some cerviche (I had a bite, it was okay), and some meat. Mike really liked the meat (most likely because he is not a fan of the seafood and he was hungry).

The next picture showed more seafood (I just noticed that it's an aerial shape of a bird) and a ball of tomatoey tasting mush.

On the other side of the table - more salmon and a seafood salad ball. There are tomatoes and pickles at the back. Pickles, I learned are "chasers" after shots of vodka.

I picked at some cold cut meats.

Finally, the last bit of the appetizers includes more fish, cheese and tomatoes, and a lasagna-like meaty layered thing made from some pastry. I wasn't a huge fan.

As we munched, the servers cleared some plates and brought out the hot food. There was potato balls and caviar. Apparently, it's not a Russian wedding unless there's caviar and vodka. More about the vodka later. The potatoes were good.

The second hot dish was meat in puffed pastries and in the middle was a creamy mushroom sauce with cheese on top. That was delicious.

Another puffed pastry came out and it was in a shape of a fish. Guess what was inside. If you said fish you are the winner! Mike and I shared a slice. I believe it was salmon.

The next hot dish was chicken under creamy sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

THe last dish was a fried chicken. I only had some fries as i was feeling quite woozy at this point.

There was a beautiful fruit spread, which I didn't try.

I was feeling pretty bad because of the amount of vodka I had. Those Russians were pounding it down like crazy and I obviously didn't keep up. Paul said that this was the most authentic Russian vodka you can get in Canada.

I didn't even get to try a piece of cake!

Anyway, it was a very interesting experience. The food was all family share style. There was a live band, and the music started right away, so it was pretty much a dancing party with food on the side when you took a break. Very interesting, and the vodka conquered me badly.


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  • Wow, really interesting post as I knew nothing about Russian weddings. So much fish! And who knew to chase vodka with pickles!

    I always thought caviar was black
    Nelson @ 2010-10-06
  • That's a lot of food even for a wedding! And that fruit spread looks like it could feed a small country!
    Kitty @ 2010-10-06

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