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Posted: 10/04/10


Restaurant: St_Catharines The_Keg

dre in St. Catharine's: The first picture is from Mike's birthday actually, when I got a Lobster Crusted Sirloin, as part of the lobster summer special. I like sirloin, but I much prefer prime rib or filet mignon. The lobster sauce was pretty good, creamy and heavy.

All the other pictures are from the time when I went to the Keg with Denise and some other girls during her bachelorette dinner.

We started with a Garlic Cheese Bread - Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Parmesan cheeses oven toasted to a golden brown on French stick. I ate the pieces that weren't too cheesy :)

I had the prime rib with a twice-baked potato. I ate every bite and most of the onion rings. It was delicious! It was washed down with a Rickard's White (not shown).

The next two dishes are chicken entrées. One is Grilled Thai Chicken - Boneless chicken with sautéed onions, bell peppers and snap peas in a sweet hot Thai chili sauce. The next one is Chicken With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce - Grilled boneless chicken with a roasted red pepper sauce and goat cheese crumble.

I told the waitress that it was Denise's birthday, so we got a free Billy Miner Pie - Mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with hot fudge, caramel and almonds.

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  • Was there much lobster in the topping?

    Not sure if I would try the chicken dishes at keg, but they look ok.
    Nelson @ 2010-10-05
  • Not too much lobster... I don't think I'd try it again, but it sounded good on the menu.
    dre @ 2010-10-05

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