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IHOP...cause it's open

Posted: 10/01/10

IHOP...cause it's open

Restaurant: Houston IHOP

Nelson @ Houston: After arriving late at night and still hungry we searched for a place to eat, but the only place we could find open at this time was IHOP.

I had an International Omelette with ham, cheese, green peppers, onions and salsa. Decently sized and tasted like anything else at IHOP - manufactured. For some reason I think of their food as being extremely processed and I'm not sure if I'm right.

My mom had the Breakfast Sampler. A great choice for someone indecisive as you get egg, bacon, ham and sausage all at once. I love the crispy hash brown at IHOP.

My dad had a Senior Pot Roast: A portion of tender USDA Choice pot roast with fried onions in a rich beef gravy served with mashed potatoes, buttered corn and garlic bread. It was only ok and the gravy tasted artificial and the potatoes tasted like dry mix.


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