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Peking Duck for Two...for Two!

Posted: 09/27/10

Peking Duck for Two...for Two!

Restaurant: Ambassador_Chinese_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Ambassador: This is one of the fanciest chinese restaurants in Toronto. My mom brings really special guests here. Kitty and I happened to be looking for someplace to eat, and we looked online for coupons. We happened on one for Ambassador, 50% off of Peking Duck. The regular price is $45 and it's an extra $5 for the upgraded 2nd course of "Rainbow Chop Crystal Fold". Peking Duck for Two? Why not? Yes, we felt like ballers....and fatties.

But damn, was it good. when eating in a large group, sometimes you feel like you haven't had enough Peking duck, but this time we definitely had enough. We had so much of the fatty, crispy duck with pancakes complemented perfectly with the green onion and cucumber. They do a good job with the crispness of the skin here. As if the first dish is not enough, the second with the lettuce comes out and you get even giddier. All that lettuce and duck meat to yourself! This one is also well made and tastes excellent.

To wash down our fatty duck, we ordered a fried rice, with fish roe, scallop, seaweed and egg white. This is a large family size portion, so we obviously had leftovers. We were only able to make a small dent in the huge pile of fried rice. It was was excellently made with plentiful quantities of seafood. The fish roe made it "pop".

They finished us off with some good quality red bean soup.

I was in duck heaven.

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  • Wow... a meal of mostly Peking Duck!
    dre @ 2010-09-27

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