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Ice Desserts

Posted: 09/11/10

Ice Desserts

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: So after dinner, we were so hot we had to find something to cool us down. My dad brought me to a place he said was famous for their dessert. It was literally in a crack in the wall and I couldn't even find the sign bearing their name, but the long lineups were a good indicator. After placing our order from the wide selection we secured a seat and dug in. Look at those huge chunks of taro and mango! It's so satisfying to bite into those large pieces and they are also two of my favourite flavours! It was so good and really hit the spot.

But I still wanted to find the shaved ice, something similar to the one in Hong Kong. So my dad brought me to a student hangout by National Tapei University, his alma matar. It didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but we ordered the strawberry and mango ice dessert. The strawberries were a little too sweet, but overall it was still good.

I understand why ice desserts are so popular in Taiwan. The oppressive heat, humidity and pollution forces you to seek out foods that cool you down.


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