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Adventures At The LCBO

Posted: 09/28/10

Adventures At The LCBO

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dre: Lemuel and I took a trip to the LCBO to find some drinks while watching a Jays/Red Sox game on TV. We decided to get 4 cans of beer, and taste test them all. Lem is all about looking up reviews online with his handy iPad, and I took some notes so I wouldn't forget once I posted this picture.

Lech Premium (Poland): Lemuel nerdly said that this beer is named after him, using the first 2 letters of his first and last name. The alcohol percentage was 5.2%, but it was surprisingly very light. The taste was gentle and not too bitter. This was my second favourite of the 4 and Lemuel's 3rd favourite.

Tecate Cerveza (Mexico): After having the light tasting Lech, the Tecate was musty and it smelled like fart. It was also very tasteless. It was our least favourite beer.

Pilsner Urquell (Czech): After the smelly beer, this one smelled really good (Lemuel said "Golden"). The taste was clean. This was our favourite of the 4.

Warsteiner (German): This beer had a bitter bite, but went down smoothly. I think by the 4th beer, they started tasting similar... This was my 3rd favourite (too bitter) and Lemuel's 2nd favourite.


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  • My favourite is Pilsner Urquell. It's so smooth and tastes better when it's closer to room temp
    Aziz @ 2010-09-29

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