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Baldwin Nostalgia

Posted: 09/26/10

Baldwin Nostalgia

Restaurant: Jodhpore Toronto

dre @ McCaul and Baldwin: I lived on McCaul Street for 2 years during university. Baldwin street was dangerously closeby and lured us to eat often. Fortunately, the restaurants on Baldwin are not cheap, so with our student budget, we didn't come here that much and go broke. There are several restaurants there that we did frequent, namely Chinese take-out and the Korean place.

I didn't appreciate Indian food then as much as I do now. I met up with Alfred for dinner and he suggested Jodhpore. My housemates generally ate from Taste of India, so I never tried this place before. We got veggie samosas, aloo gobi, butter chicken and garlic naan bread. I enjoyed all the dishes and even though I ate "white-people" Indian food, it was still delicious. I can see why people like "white-people" Chinese food if they're not used to growing up eating traditional weird stuff.

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