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Breakfast and Fruit

Posted: 08/30/10

Breakfast and Fruit

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: Right outside my dad's place is a breakfast food stall. At home I love eating the green onion pancake with egg, so I wanted to try one here. And wow, was it good. It was cooked on the spot and came out piping hot. It was a really satisfying breakfast. So satisfying that I had the next days as well.

The fourth picture shows the breakfast in Hualien. At hotels in Taiwan that include breakfasat, it is usually just a coupon for a place next door. This place served various buns and dumplings. They were decent and serviceable for breakfast. Breakfast in Asia is so different from breakfast in North America.

Lastly are some pictures of pinapple and durian. The pinapple in Taiwan is different from what I am used to here. It is sweeter and softer, since you can eat the core, which is usually too fiberous to eat here. It was excellent and I miss it already. My dad knew Kitty liked Durian, so he went out to get some. Fresh durian is better than frozen!


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