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Taipei Seafood with Mountain Medicine

Posted: 08/28/10

Taipei Seafood with Mountain Medicine

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Taipei: My dad treated Kitty and I to a seafood meal in Taipei, right outside his apartment. This restaurant is always busy, but we managed to get a seat since it was so late in the day.

The first one is intersting because it's called 涼拌山藥, which translates directly into cold tossed mountain medicine. It is really cold tossed chinese yam, but it didn't taste like a yam or potato. It is a root, but it tastes more like a celery/daikon that was crunchy and sticky. It didn't have a strong taste, but the taste was distinctive and difficult to describe. Definitely something new.

Next one is the ever popular clam steamers. Yum! We split three way, so each of us got a lot. We also got some shrimp, which were lightly breaded and fried. These tasted really good, but I was sad that more was not included. Rarely have I had shrimp exactly like this, that is, breaded in an Asian fashion which isn't too heavy and fried. I enjoyed it along with the plentiful green onion.

Since I was obsessed, I got a bamboo shoot dish. This one again tasted really fresh, but they had made it extremely spicy. Even a little too spicy to my liking, and I can usually take some spice. But I still enjoyed it. I got to eat most of it since my dining companions couldn't stomach the spice.

Since it's a seafood restaurant, my dad had picked a fish from the front of the store. It was a red fish and turned out to be really good. I miss the food in the Taiwan.


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