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Mr. Goose

Posted: 08/20/10

Mr. Goose

Restaurant: Mr_Goose Taiwan

Nelson @ hualien : We arrived at this eastern Taiwan city pretty late at night as a result of missing the bus. After checking into the hotel we went searching for something to eat. Even though it was a smaller city, there were still restaurants open at this late hour. We decided on a place called Mr. Goose (translated from the Chinese name). We also got a discount because it was so late!

So we of course ordered the goose. It came out in a nicely arranged platter and it turned out to be pretty good. Lean meat with a nice layer of fat for extra taste.

When we got there, we were so hungry that we grabbed some octopus from the fridge to start. It was appropriately meaty, cold and surprisingly good.

The next dish is interesting. It's pork blood. In gelatinous rice. The taste is peculiar and difficult to describe and it had a thick heavy texture. Not sure I would get it again, but it was definitely unique not only in taste, but also texture.


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