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Seafood Night 2

Posted: 08/10/10

Seafood Night 2

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: We went a little farther from the town for some "local" seafood that was cheaper. We travelled around kind of randomly and finally stumbled upon some seafood restaurants. We picked the nicest looking one (ie least sketchiest) and ordered the seafood from the front.

We randomly picked a fish from the freezer because we didn't know which specific one to pick. We also picked lobsters for this meal. They are different from regular ones in that they are smaller and slightly different shaped. I was able to convince to allow me out back to watch them "process" the lobster. It was quite the rusty knife.

We also got drinks, so milk tea, apple cider and taiwan beer. I drank mostly beer as I liked it.

The rice we got was special because it contained some yam mixed into the rice. Not a bad bonus.

The sashimi we got wasn't that good, but it was ok. We also had the seaweed with egg...I didn't like it that much unfortunately. The shrimp we got this time was just boiled. It was fresh, but didn't taste nearly as good.

The steamer clams were about the same quality as the previous night. We had deep fried crab claws as well, but they weren't as good as the ones in Toronto.

The best dish by far was the fish. It was already cut up and put on top of the bones, so that there were just juicy pieces of fish for the taking. This was easy to eat and great tasting (sweet and sour sauce).

We each got a half lobster. They were good, and the flesh was very firm and juicy, but they were much smaller than the ones in North America.

Overall another good meal. It was difficult to compare to the previous night, since they both had their strengths and weaknesses.


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