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Sarsaparilla Root Drink

Posted: 08/08/10

Sarsaparilla Root Drink

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ 7-Eleven: 7-Eleven is everywhere in Asia. This time I tried the Sarsaparilla Drink. Sarsaparilla is an ingredient for root beer. This drink very closely tastes like root beer, but not quite as good. Maybe there is less sugar, so it doesn't taste as good. Kitty got a strawberry milk tea.

You can walk into a 7-Eleven and have a meal if you wanted. They sell all sort of things that have been sitting in a soup all day. It is kinda of like the hot dogs that have been grilling for who knows how long. In every single one in Taiwan, you can get hard boiled eggs for some reason. I didn't try any of this food as I was saving my stomach for more substantial meals.


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