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Can't Go To Ottawa And Not Have A Beaver Tail!

Posted: 08/17/10

Can't Go To Ottawa And Not Have A Beaver Tail!

Restaurant: Beaver_Tails Dairy_Queen Le_Moulin_de_Provence Ottawa

dre in Ottawa: Le Moulin de Provence is the French bakery in the Byward Market where President Obama stopped to get cookies for his daughter. I didn't buy any cookies, but instead I got an almond chocolate croissant. What a treat! Inside there was almond paste AND chocolate. It was the most delicious croissant I had. Mike got the apple danish (as usual!!) and it was very underwhelming.

I braved through the Canada Day lines and got a Beaver Tail - the Killaloe Surprise, which is cinnamon sugar and lemon juice.

The heat wave started this weekend as well, so we stopped at Dairy Queen and I got a cookie dough chocolate fudge Blizzard.

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