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Nelson's Wedding!

Posted: 08/05/10

Nelson's Wedding!

Restaurant: Destiny Vaughan

dre @ Nelson's Wedding: As Nelson had done for me 2 years ago, I returned the favour by taking pictures of his dinner. I had pictures of some appetizers, but decided not to show them here, as they did not turn out too well with the crowds of people grabbing the hors d'oeuvres. There was bruschetta, mini samosas, spring rolls, meat balls, chicken skewers, fried shrimp, and this tart with cheese and olives. The hall was crowded, and most of us were camped outside the door to catch the servers coming out of the kitchen. The best appetizer were the samosas and chicken skewers. I had 2 meatballs, but they were cold. I tried not to eat too much as I knew a 10-course Chinese meal was coming.

We started with the roast pork. The meat was really juicy and tasty and I enjoyed the jellyfish and seaweed salad that came with the pork.

I also enjoyed the crab claw. It was crusted with almonds, and I usually get to eat half of Mike's because he doesn't really like shrimp.

The next dish was beans, chicken and shrimp. I traded Mike a piece of chicken for his shrimp. Yum yum!

At that point, I went to the bar to get a drink and found Nelson. I told him to have a drink to ease the pain of eating the next dish - the shark fin soup. It was definitely a really hearty soup, with a lot of substance. I don't think it was all shark fin, but I like how it wasn't mostly liquid and every spoon full I ate was nice and crunchy.

The next dish was the mushroom, Chinese spinach, and melon with scallop. Kenny, who was sitting next to me, even suggested I take a picture of his dish because when they scooped mine onto the plate, the melon broke into a couple of pieces. Kenny is Nelson's friend who got annoyed with him when they backpacked in Europe and Nelson had to take pictures of everything they ate during their trip.

The chicken was pretty juicy as well. I always enjoy the chicken dish.

The lobster was very garlicky and tasty. The server gave me pieces that didn't require me to use my hands too much.

I didn't want any fish, but when I went to the washroom (or bar) and came back, they put fish on my plate. I tried a little bit, but I didn't appreciate it.

I dissed the rice when i first saw it, saying that it was too white to be good fried rice, but surprisingly, it was really good! The noodles were also good, not too oily. I wished I could have gotten seconds of both.

I was socializing too much, and missed the pudding and cookies, but Mike took a picture of it for me. I came back to the table to eat a jello, but there were no more cookies. :( There was also red bean soup.

A sweet table was set up at the back, and Mike and I made a beeline for it to beat the lineups. There was a lot of fruit, cake, and of course, the main thing I wanted to eat - the wedding cake. My only regret was not getting more dessert, but I had too much fun dancing instead.

I need to mention the white wine was delicious! Even Mike got another glass of it! The cake was pretty awesome too with the Super Mario Brother's characters decorating it.

Congratulations, Nelson, and welcome to the club!


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  • I didn't get to try any of the appetizers :( I did get to try a bit of the other dishes and I liked the food! We made a good choice :)

    The lobster was quite good, better than usual. We asked for the noodles to be not too oily and that's what we got, so that was nice.

    I didn't get a chance to try any dessert, but luckily we got to take some home. Hehe.

    The wine is from a family friend, which and that turned out really nicely. I really liked the white wine as well.

    And of course the cake. Super Mario, FTW!

    Nelson @ 2011-02-04

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